Wednesday, December 31, 2008


You know nothing about me,

and don't let my looks be deceiving,

You see a young Southern Lady,

When I am really a Bitch on Wheels.

Remember one thing that looks one

way can always be another,

And everything that glitters

here, you harlot, it is gold.

I will never make a promise that I can't keep,

and the word "idle" is not even in my vocab.

So don't be looking for "idle" threats...

Everything that I say is a promise,

whether for "Now or Later".

With that being said...

Let us have a formal introduction...

My name is Ms. Alfreda N. Whatley, in

which I am called Fre for short.

I am 5'10, 145 pounds and hail from

right here in Atlanta, Georgia, and please...

No, I am not black and my favorite color is pink.

So just remember, when you speak my name,

Or make reference to me... I am more than just

a little girl.

I have a name and furthermore, I hope that my

name tastes like shit in....your.... mouth.

Because, I am that itch that will not go way,

That constant pain in the side...

Finally, we have that understanding.

and now you know a little about me,

I am not nor ever will I be a little girl~

Address me by my name or address

me personally or put on your big

girl panties and shut the hell up.

And with that... I am out this mutha-

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2009 Thoughts and Reflections

I will act now. I will act now. I will act now. Henceforth, I will repeat these words each hour, each day, everyday, until the words become as much a habit as my breathing, and the action which follows becomes as instinctive as the blinking of my eyelids. With these words I can condition my mind to perform every action necessary for my success. I will act now. I will repeat these words again and again and again. I will walk where failures fear to walk. I will work when failures seek rest. I will act now for now is all I have. Tomorrow is the day reserved for the labor of the lazy. I am not lazy. Tomorrow is the day when the failure will succeed. I am not a failure. I will act now. Success will not wait. If I delay, success will become wed to another and lost to me forever. This is the time. This is the place. I am the person.
Og Mindino

Work like you don't need money,
Love like you've never been hurt,
And dance like no one's watching.

Crystal Boyd

When enough is enough...

Interestingly we don't know when to say,
goodbye, adios, see ya... whatever,
we hold on to things definitively pass it's prime,
past the suggested consumption date,
past the date it should have expired.
We hold on to things looking for the
had been,
used to be,
could be,
When it is obviously not holding on to you.
So here is my word to the ignorant.
(Because she obviously can't understand good and plain ENGLISH!)
Bitch, let it ride...
You are a has been,
Washed up,
A never could be again,
(Not as long as I am here)
The possibility is just not even there,
She is happy, I am happy, We are happy together.
(And she is my family now... Insert all knowing smile here!)
So, please take my advise...
and learn when to say,

PostScript: And that is the Pedagogy of Truth~ from me... to you!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Missing you...

Like a kick in the gut...

it happens,


thought that it would be different.

Thought we could work it out together...

Memories of you sneak up on

me often, robbing my very soul,

Looting and maiming my feelings.

Wanting to pick up the phone,

Wishing that I could see you,

Hold you,

Be there for you.

Walk this path with you.

But you just want to be left alone....

And that leaves me... missing you.

She knew...

She knew how to play the piano
Always touched the right keys
to create harmony
from magic fingers
Moving in rhythmic ways
up and down the scale

Staccatos like heartbeats
Sustains like gentle whispers

Tender touches making
sweet soft melodies
Like eyelashes tickle cheeks
Like snowflakes fall on cotton
Like the urgent ecstasy that
blankets my entire body
whenever she plays my song
Vibrating through darkness and incense
Listening over and over
with closed concentrated almond eyes
Never tired of hearing the song
that causes my body to react
Absorbing every lyric
Every breath, every pulse
Almost forgetting that I am alone
But rhythm has entered
Passed through skin
Seeped into my soul
Captured blindly
in the rising moonlight
And floating on...
Never questioning
the way I feel when I am
lost within her music

The way she lost herself in her piano
and in its ability to make magic
The way she lost herself her song
and in its ability to make my world spin
The way she lost herself in a moment
and in its ability to steal our self control
The way I lost myself in her
and in her ability to envelope me
The way I became lost within her

in a moment and in its ability to change


The way we became lost in our

ability to make music together

Lets me know, she knew how to

Play the Piano…

Friday, December 26, 2008

Thoughts for today...

Some randomness from some fellow friends of mine... I love ya'll!

"Soul mates don't always have to be men"

"Never make someone a priority when all you are to them is an option."

"So how does it happen, great love? Nobody knows... but what I can tell you is that it happens in the blink of an eye. One moment you're enjoying your life, and the next you're wondering how you ever lived without them." --- (Side Note: Isis this one is for you!)

"Handle every stressful situation like a dog: If you can't eat it or hump it, piss on it and walk away!"

"Tomorrow is another day."

"When you feel that nobody loves you, nobody cares for you, and everyone is ignoring you, you should start asking yourself.... Am I TOO Sexy?"

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Dearest Love...

In the
bustling cafe,
The time
continuum starts,
and for just a
it is only
you and I.

Watching you,
(sip your drink...)
watch me,
(sample my cheesecake...)
is the most exquisite
action in the world,

The way your
eyes undress me,
caress me,
find the
windows to
my soul,

Astounds me...

Look past
my very being
into my innermost core.

Where only
you and I

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Girl, I found out something today.
Some news so succulent that
it drips off my tongue and right
onto the page.

Hope you are ready
for this one... because,

She is a liar,
She told me that she
was ready for the one,
the "golden child,"
She lied.

Instead, she plays head games
like all other females,
Got you all open,
Like the top on a soda pop.

Thinking that you,
could be the one,
to love and console...

See, This female here,
Oh, she likes drama,
likes for the ex to be around...
Wanting to see what "pops off"

I ain't got time...
You see,
I am a grown ass woman,
on a mission to succeed.

You can have the ex,
with her ancient self...
you want to go from
the '09 BMW Z4 to
the '89 Honda Civic
Be my guest.

But don't
be coming
back for
test drives...


Stepping out
baring myself,
afraid of falling,
fully to the point
where I
can't return,

The rocks are jagged,
The ocean swells are deep,

Some thing or someone
is calling,
beckoning to me...
tantalizingly sweet voice,
Begging me
to step out,
and reveal my
innermost self.

I am
completely spellbound.

to feel its touch,
it's warmth.

Friday, December 19, 2008

That feeling...

That feeling is creeping up again,
like a thief ever so slight.
Threatening to take all my worldly possessions,
and then dissipate like a ghost in the night.

That thief, oh, thinks that he's so smart...
Thinks he can't be caught,
Thinks he is the perfect crook,
Thinks his game can not be shook.

One day, I am going to get a burglar alarm
and a dog to watch after my things,
I am going to stop leaving the door cracked,
Maybe then, I will stop being jacked
For all my worldly means.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Life Thus Far... Excerpt

Chapter One

Center Stage: Akira White

Whosoever said, “life was a box of chocolates…” was a damn fool. I ain’t ever had so much badass chocolate in my life. Chocolate is supposed to be akin to the best sex you ever had… Not the one partner who head game you wish you could forget. I mean, hell, look at me. I am 25 years old, educated; successful for my age, and not to mention I am not busted. Ok, ok, ok, hold up… let me make that politically correct…. I am not unattractive. Lord knows I am sick and tired of people thinking that because I choose to speak in my regional dialect that I am somehow inferior to them. However, I digress. Now, if all those things are in play, why in the hell am I still single? I mean I try my best in all my relationships and still end up holding the short end of the stick. So why again am I always the bridesmaid and never the bride…? Never mind, don’t answer that. I really don’t think that I am ready for your answer and I might just go off. Instead, let me let you in on my side of the back-story:

Look for the rest coming soon... to a book store near you!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Just when you thought...

Just when you thought
the show was over, the lights on the stage had dimmed...
Just when you thought
you could predict the next Act,
The Encore will begin to show.
Just make sure you pay
Pay rapt attention, for nothing here will be on
the next headliner.

The curtain pulls back, and here I am... all dressed in splendor
and laced in black,
Patiently waiting for my time to deliver my lines in resplendent form,
Wanting you to see that you can not hurt me,
Or make me waver from my own undeniable truth,
The actress that I aspire to be was here all along,
It took reaching deep inside and a lot of reassurance,
With voice lessons and the like...
To find my perfect form.
Hopefully, you have a front row seat.
For you know the house will be packed,
waiting for my act, and trying to get a glimpse of me.
Autographs to be signed from fans that are now mine and plenty of things to do.

Just when you thought the show was over
and the lights had begun to dim,
Just when you thought you could predict the next act
My Encore began to show.