Friday, December 19, 2008

That feeling...

That feeling is creeping up again,
like a thief ever so slight.
Threatening to take all my worldly possessions,
and then dissipate like a ghost in the night.

That thief, oh, thinks that he's so smart...
Thinks he can't be caught,
Thinks he is the perfect crook,
Thinks his game can not be shook.

One day, I am going to get a burglar alarm
and a dog to watch after my things,
I am going to stop leaving the door cracked,
Maybe then, I will stop being jacked
For all my worldly means.


  1. hmmmm...what's that about? What is it in you that makes you think someone wants to take something from you?

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  3. B,
    There is always someone out there looking for something from you... The question is, How far are they willing to go to obtain said objective.