Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Girl, I found out something today.
Some news so succulent that
it drips off my tongue and right
onto the page.

Hope you are ready
for this one... because,

She is a liar,
She told me that she
was ready for the one,
the "golden child,"
She lied.

Instead, she plays head games
like all other females,
Got you all open,
Like the top on a soda pop.

Thinking that you,
could be the one,
to love and console...

See, This female here,
Oh, she likes drama,
likes for the ex to be around...
Wanting to see what "pops off"

I ain't got time...
You see,
I am a grown ass woman,
on a mission to succeed.

You can have the ex,
with her ancient self...
you want to go from
the '09 BMW Z4 to
the '89 Honda Civic
Be my guest.

But don't
be coming
back for
test drives...

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