Monday, December 29, 2008

She knew...

She knew how to play the piano
Always touched the right keys
to create harmony
from magic fingers
Moving in rhythmic ways
up and down the scale

Staccatos like heartbeats
Sustains like gentle whispers

Tender touches making
sweet soft melodies
Like eyelashes tickle cheeks
Like snowflakes fall on cotton
Like the urgent ecstasy that
blankets my entire body
whenever she plays my song
Vibrating through darkness and incense
Listening over and over
with closed concentrated almond eyes
Never tired of hearing the song
that causes my body to react
Absorbing every lyric
Every breath, every pulse
Almost forgetting that I am alone
But rhythm has entered
Passed through skin
Seeped into my soul
Captured blindly
in the rising moonlight
And floating on...
Never questioning
the way I feel when I am
lost within her music

The way she lost herself in her piano
and in its ability to make magic
The way she lost herself her song
and in its ability to make my world spin
The way she lost herself in a moment
and in its ability to steal our self control
The way I lost myself in her
and in her ability to envelope me
The way I became lost within her

in a moment and in its ability to change


The way we became lost in our

ability to make music together

Lets me know, she knew how to

Play the Piano…

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