Sunday, September 20, 2009


You know you're in love when you can't sleep...because reality is finally better than your dreams.
-Dr. Seuess

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Things I absoluteley HATE...

1. Trifling, lying ass females.

Most people who know me are like.... MrzNikki, WTA is going on in your world and why are you FULL STINGER like this early in the AM? It is a very simple explanation for me climbing on the soap box this morning. There are some females in the world that should be lined up and shot in the head execution style. These are ones who have nothing better to do than to tell you a pack of lies and watch your reaction. What they don't know is I was not born stable and they are tempting fate.

2. Women who do not know what they want...

Starting to see a pattern here...? I absolutely detest them, hate them, and wish they would jump off the nearest bridge and die. These are the ones who are constantly bitching that there is no one there for them and when you present yourself...they push you away. What the fuck is that??? Next time you are lonely... snuggle up with your fucking pillow and lose my number.

3. Women who thing that they can hold more than one relationship at a time...

There is a adjective for you. WHORE... If that person is not giving you everything that you need, there is no need to lie to them and see another behind their back. Just let them go. Don't string them on...thinking that they are the only one when you are out spending time chilling with another. If they are your 80%... Don't do me the dis-service to only have the portion of you that they are not getting. I deserve so much more.

4. Women who do not recognize they are in a bad situation.

Honey, move on. If she ain't doing it, another will trust and believe me. Personally, I put up with a situation because I WANT TO... NOT because I have to. I mean look at me. I am not a paper bag date or lover. You can take me out and believe me... I turn heads. Classy, never trashy. I made you look good.

Love Always,