Tuesday, December 30, 2008

When enough is enough...

Interestingly we don't know when to say,
goodbye, adios, see ya... whatever,
we hold on to things definitively pass it's prime,
past the suggested consumption date,
past the date it should have expired.
We hold on to things looking for the
had been,
used to be,
could be,
When it is obviously not holding on to you.
So here is my word to the ignorant.
(Because she obviously can't understand good and plain ENGLISH!)
Bitch, let it ride...
You are a has been,
Washed up,
A never could be again,
(Not as long as I am here)
The possibility is just not even there,
She is happy, I am happy, We are happy together.
(And she is my family now... Insert all knowing smile here!)
So, please take my advise...
and learn when to say,

PostScript: And that is the Pedagogy of Truth~ from me... to you!

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