Thursday, January 29, 2009


I'm go pretty go-go ga-ga of typical "chick lit," but Jennifer Weiner's books generally tend to rise above the rest. "Good in Bed" is no exception.

The story revolves around Cannie Shapiro, a 28-year-old newspaper reporter from Philadelphia. Cannie recently ended a three-year-relationship with Bruce, a guy who comes across as a pothead loser from the very beginning. For some reason, though, Cannie still loves Bruce, and just as she begins to reconsider their split, she is stunned when her ex writes a column in a national magazine titled "Loving a Larger Woman." Yes, Cannie is slightly obsessed with her size 16 frame, but Bruce's column pushes her over the edge. In spite of Bruce's cruelty, however, Cannie still finds herself drawn to him. When Bruce's father passes away suddenly, Cannie is right there to comfort her ex. Unfortunately, the comforting goes a little too far, and Cannie ends up in a very difficult situation, finding herself more alone than ever.

Never fear, though...Cannie Shapiro kicks butt!

Despite all the crap that's happened to her in her life, she never gives up. "Good in Bed" explores Cannie's family history, which sheds light on why she is the way she is about men, her weight, etc. There are also a ton of excellent supporting characters in this book, from Cannie's lesbian mother to a sweet Hollywood starlet...and, of course, there's Nifkin, Cannie's odd but loveable rat terrier. Yes, much of what happens in this book is incredibly unrealistic, from Cannie's surprising friendship with a movie star to her own success in Hollywood, but all that stuff is part of the fun of the story.

As for me, I enjoyed every page of "Good in Bed." It's a funny yet poignant novel that touches on some of life's most agonizing situations and choices, but it's also incredibly entertaining and humorous. Cannie is a smart, sarcastic, and sassy character, and I really enjoyed her story. Women everywhere will appreciate "Good and Bed" as a light and touching novel.

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