Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Secret Ritual...

I undress at night
When the silence is still,
and the rays of the
Transparent Moonlight
Penetrate the complexity
of the night.
In the shadows I am comfortable
I am not afraid that
something will devour my essence.
In the Shadows I am comfortable
They address me as an
acceptable character.
I emerge from my costume,
Peel back the camouflaged mask,
and lay back my garments of
First Impressions
Inside my sacred sanctuary.
I express my true identity that is
Crafted, molded, into
my sculpture of Life's experience.
I breathe the breath of life.
As I lay back and listen...
Listening to the movement in the still night.
I begin to fall into my paradise,
as though they were the dreams of the day.
Sunrise will come soon....
I'll have to get dressed in the morning.
It’s a pity that I only get to
Undress at night.

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