Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Advertisement: Pandora's Box

I’m a missionary of the positive outlook.

Always striving for a piece of reality.

Opposing a sense of mindlessness.

Courageous student of failure.

Life’s too short to dwell.

On what was or what could have been.

"What if" is no longer the winner of my vocabulary.

I am tired of looking for answers in insufficient places.

Now I am an adventure seeker provoking fate.

To cradle my intolerable intelligence.

I have eviscerated the negativity that was drowning me.

Now I am a freethinker, poetic preacher.

Defined by my pen.

The guardian of my nomadic rambling.

Timeless lover haunted with a crescendo of laughter.

Privately looking for an interpreter for my heart.

Every curiosity comes with a cost.

What price are you willing to pay?

To gain my trust and evoke my interest.

To open my Pandora’s box

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