Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Remembering Miss Mickey Poo

Mi'kaya Denise,

When I got that paper and the words on the page staring back at me in big bold letters said, "PREGNANT!" I was terrified. Petrified was more like it. You were finally here. No longer a though of what could have been at the back of my mind; but, a real baby... growing inside of me. You, my little girl..waiting to come into the world and turn it upside down with your undeniable beauty and your momma's wit.

I have always wanted a little girl. Now, I would have been glad for a little boy, but I couldn't hide my excitement when I found out that you were a little girl. I bought all the little pink things and hid them away for the day that I could dress you in your little pink onesie and cute sunhat and we could hit the road together. Mommy and Daughter. Now, most did not want the drama that comes along with little girls but me and you... We were going to be best-est friends.

My first few months with you in my tummy were the hardest. You kept me sick as ever. I could never keep any food down. It was literally hell; however, I was secretly counting the days until I could hold you in my arms. Now, as I am looking back on the time that we spent together, I would go back and re-live every waking moment if it meant that I could have you alive and well in my tummy and I could keep you safe.

I miss you Mickey Poo... more today than I ever thought that I could. My heart aches that you are not here. I often feel cheated, robbed of my time with you. You life was over all to soon. I wanted to teach you so much. I wanted you to experience life ... but only the great parts. I wanted to shield you from everything that was wrong and unjust with the world and if I could have I would've.

Sometimes I catch myself wondering what you would have been like. I know that you already had determination and a lot of fight in you, little girlie. Would you have had your momma's quick temper and passion? Or would you have picked up Momma N's cool and calm demeanor? My love of the color pink or Momma N's Cool Blues. I think you would have had both of our insatiable loves of reading and Momma N's ability to throw down in the kitchen. But these are things that I guess that I will find out when we meet again.

I want you to know that you are not forgotten and no one could ever take your place. You are my baby girl, my first born and I miss you... dearly.

Happy 7th Birthday Mickey Poo.
Momma loves you.

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